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Zafar, Z.; Yi, S.-S.; Li, J.-P.; Li, C.-Q.; Zhu, Y.-F.; Zada, A.; Yao, W.-J.; Liu, Z.-Y.; Yue, X.-Z., Recent Development in Defects Engineered Photocatalysts: An Overview of the Experimental and Theoretical Strategies. Energy & Environmental Materials 202
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上一篇:Yan, G.; Huarui, L.; Wei, M.; Wenxin, S.; Yongfa, Z.; Wonyong, C., Photocatalytic activity enhanced via surface hybridization. Carbon Energy 2020, 2 (3), 308-49.
下一篇:Zhang, H.; Chen, X.; Zhang, Z.; Yu, K.; Zhu, W.; Zhu, Y., Highly-crystalline Triazine-PDI Polymer with an Enhanced Built-in Electric Field for Full-Spectrum Photocatalytic Phenol Mineralization. Applied Catalysis B-Environmental 2021, 287.

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